Jeremiah Barr


As a designer, my objective is to create innovative, provoking, ideas that can be translated into actuality. I seek to discover different ways to challenge archetypes, yet still stay true to the text. I do this with the understanding that there will be constraints; however I will not be limited in imagination nor the desire to creatively overcome obstacles.

To this end I approach each project with energy, openness, and infinite possibility. I will research, discover, and create through many means and mediums the world of the play. I believe that to effectively accomplish this I cannot subsist alone, I must collaborate with others. For in the creative crucible ideas become refined, mixed, and cohesive. I will fight hard for my ideas, but I will have the wisdom to yield when others ideas are superior. I will follow through to the end, work to make designs reality, and instill in others the same passion I have. I will rest content only when I have affirmed and ennobled the art of the performers before me. I am committed, I am imaginative, and I am passionate.


  • Scenic Design
  • Technical Director
  • Stage/Production Management
  • Jack of All Trades